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As a native of Kauai, Jody's profound connection to the Hawaiian Islands shines through her wealth of experience and unwavering passion. With a marketing degree and a background in architecture, she has cultivated a keen eye for design and potential, having previously worked with one of Hawaii's most esteemed architects. Her career has been defined by her dedication to the community, including managing a large community organization for nearly 14 years and now owning Hanako, a small boutique celebrating local artisans. These experiences have fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and deepened her understanding of the needs and desires of the local community.

Married to a first responder and mom to two remarkable girls, Jody's love for adventure and the outdoors is only matched by her affection for the natural beauty of the islands and the warmth of its people. With her unique blend of experiences and deep passion for Hawaii, she is eager to share her knowledge and provide guidance to those looking to navigate the real estate market in Hawaii.Top of FormBottom of Form

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