8 Best Food Trucks on Kauai - Where to Eat

8 Best Food Trucks on Kauai - Where to Eat

  • Susan Higgins
  • 01/4/22

Top  Food Trucks on Kaua'i 

Here are some of our favorite options on all sides of the island


Delicious food is abundant on Kaua'i. Since the pandemic, Kauai's food truck movement has really taken off, offering some of the most creative takes in the on-the-go food movement.  Whether you want to grab something before a day of adventure or just enjoy your meal outside, all of these stylish trucks know how to serve amazing food amongst beautiful outdoor settings all over the island.

Hanalei -- FRESH BITE

In the center of Hanalei Town, Fresh Bite is a food truck that offers healthy, fresh options from salads to wraps to sandwiches. You can choose your preferred flavor from the menu and have it served in any style you desire. They offer seasonal veggie specials and refreshing drinks as well. This spot always satisfies and nourishes.



Located at Warehouse 3540 in Lawai, this cute coffee truck makes bangin' brew for your first morning sip. Try the Aloha Latte, a pick me up you'll be dreaming about all day! It's the perfect stop to uplift everyone on your way to a long hike in Waimea Canyon.  


Koloa Town --- KAUA`I POKE

This menu offers a plethora of poke options for you to choose from! Whether you want it spicy, plantation style, vegan, or tempura style, Kaua`i Poke Food Truck offers it! Add Furikake Fries on the side of whichever bowl you choose, and you’ve got a delicious duo! 


Hanalei --- WISHING WELL

This is an iconic must-stop on Kaua`i. From shave ice, aca'i bowls, to your classic cold brew, Aloha starts here. They feature all natural flavors for their famous shave ice, and amazing hats and tees for a perfect North Shore souvenir! You can bet your bottom dollar you'll be coming back for more because everything on the menu entices the palette.  



Hanalei -- HOLEY GRAIL

An innovative and well-crafted take on your average doughnut, the doughnuts at Holey Grail might be the best doughnuts EVER! They are taro based. Taro (aka 'kalo') is a native Hawaiian plant that has many health benefits (so these doughnuts could even be considered healthy ;). Their ever-changing seasonal flavors are creative and a real treat for your taste buds. The vibe is hip at this truck, which is located in the center of Hanalei Town. 


Koloa Town -- KICKSHAWS

This menu is unlike any we've ever seen, and is ever-changing due to the chef's passion for food and love for unexpected, yet amazing, flavor combinations. Kickshaws is located at the beginning of Koloa town and always has a line, so patience is key. Trust us -- the food is well worth the wait. From their '100% Awesome Burger' to their 'Tremendous Tuna Melt', the meal is always an unforgettable one.  




Scopraciatta is a pizza food truck tucked in the middle of Kapaa's hustle and bustle. Each 10" pie is custom made and gives you the opportunity to try multiple flavors. Vegan options are offered as well... and they don't skimp on the veggies.  :)


Simple but incredible. This taco joint serves amazing fish tacos, showcasing the true flavors of Kaua`i. If your heart desires multiple meat options, we recommend the Triple Threat. Why not experience everything this chef can prepare? Pat's has the best view of the Hanalei Pier. When you're done paddling your little heart out, it's time to fuel up and soak it all in.                                               

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