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Kapaa Real Estate Market Trends

Current Housing Market Overview:

  • Median Sale Price: $1,100,000

    • An impressive growth of 25.7% from the previous year.
  • Median Sale Price Per Square Foot: $932

    • A rise of 10.4% since last year.
  • Number of Homes Sold: 6

    • A year-over-year increase of 20.0%.
  • Median Days on Market: 127 days

    • A significant climb from 48 days last year.

Market Competitiveness

The Kapaa housing market shows signs of being relatively relaxed, as evidenced by:

  • Multiple Offers: In the Kapaa market, it's not common for homes to receive multiple offers, making the bidding process less competitive.

  • Selling Prices: On average, homes in Kapaa are selling for approximately their listing price. The most desirable properties might fetch about 1% above their list price.

  • Time on Market: Properties in Kapaa stay on the market longer than in many other locations, with homes averaging 147 days before going pending. However, the most sought-after homes, likely due to unique features or prime locations, can go pending in about 66 days.


The Kapaa, HI real estate market is characterized by its lack of competitiveness and the extended time properties remain on the market. Yet, the area has seen a notable rise in home prices over the past year, suggesting an increasing demand or limited supply. Potential buyers may find opportunities in this market to negotiate favorable terms, but it's always essential to understand the locale and market specifics when considering an investment or purchase.

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